29 May 2019

Music room «Classical music concert» as part of the subprogramme "Tarbie Zhane Bilim" - "Sanely Azamat» in SOE "Rudny music College", Ore

The creation of the music room "Concert of classical music" has provided conditions for the multifaceted development of the individual through the education of patriotism and civic responsibility, aimed at the successful integration of our State into the global cultural environment and at the same time carefully preserving its own uniqueness and uniqueness.

15 April 2019

«Ұлы дала дарындары»


11-12 April 2019 in the city of Almaty was held the Republican contest "Ұлы дала дарындары". The diploma of I degree in the nomination "Халық аспаптары" became the student of the 4th course Rudny music College of Seilhanov Rustam, lecturer Esjanov Y.