29 May 2019

Music room «Classical music concert» as part of the subprogramme "Tarbie Zhane Bilim" - "Sanely Azamat» in SOE "Rudny music College", Ore

The creation of the music room "Concert of classical music" has provided conditions for the multifaceted development of the individual through the education of patriotism and civic responsibility, aimed at the successful integration of our State into the global cultural environment and at the same time carefully preserving its own uniqueness and uniqueness.

In order to introduce young people to the national values of the Republic of Kazakhstan, promotion and popularization of vocal and instrumental art, kspc "rudnensky music College" on may 28, 2019 held a music room "Concert of classical music". The participants of the music room were teachers and students of the College.

The purpose of the music room: comprehensive development of natural intellectual abilities of students; formation of moral and value attitude of students and the public to collective creativity, based on vocal culture, chamber music, ensembles; show the value of vocal art, chamber art as a unifying factor.

In the music room "Concert of classical music" sounded the following numbers:

  1. W. A. Mozart! Sonata in C major(№16) with the party of the second piano performed by students of I and II courses Fedorov Daria and Smagulov Adil - II part.

2 Scarlatti Canzonetta.   The concertmaster!-Masina Elizabeth.  "Scarlatti" - Agitaev Reese, 2 year. 

  1. Vocal Duo. Mozart – Duet Zerlina and don Juan from the Opera "don Giovanni"- Agitaev Reese - Serikbay Abay – II-III courses.
  2. Chopin – Etude №25 - Grushin Artem!
  3. Romance of Tchaikovsky "Amid the DIN of the ball". Accompanist – Khlystova S. A. performs within Abai.
  4. John.Puccini 1.Aria of Lauretta from Opera "Gianni Schicchi»
  5. K. Debussy – Romance (soprano-umbetova G. Zh.) plays Smagulov Adil – II course.
  6. Russian folk song in the treatment of Ivanov "Yellow leaf". Party dombra – E. A. Lenkova, plays Manabaeva Milena, 3 year.
  7. 1. S. Rachmaninoff – "an Excerpt from Musset."
  8. M. Tulebaev – "Embroidered handkerchief".

 The soprano – umbetova G. J. Amirzhanova plays Diana.

  1. Rachmaninoff –Étude-tableau No. 8 op.33, g minor, played by Daria Fedorova.
  2. Myaskovsky - Sonata for cello and piano №1 - I part. Play Kuvakina Marina and 4th year student – Ekaterina Ryabova.
  3. Piano ensemble. Mozart -Grieg – Sonata in C major (№16) with the second piano – I part! Play Fedorova Daria and Smagulov Adil, I-II course.

Musical living room "Living spring of music of the peoples of Kazakhstan" was covered in local media. The information was published in the newspaper "Magnetit" and on TV. The information was posted on the website of KSP "rudnensky music College".